For three generations, Mohit Jewellers has been offering customers a dazzling world of hallmarked gold and diamond jewellery that honours the specialness of every festivity and occasion. Our jewellery is exquisitely crafted, seamlessly blending ethnic and modern styles, each product illustrating a story of its own..

At Mohit Jewellers, not only will you be offered the finest jewellery in the business, but you will feel an impeccable ambiance due to our focus on quality customer service and forming a welcoming environment for all our guests. To guarantee the satisfaction of our guests, we also offer personalized jewellery, so that each guest finds his or her perfect piece.

Authenticity and purity is key in our business, which is why all our jewellery is hallmarked, and all our diamonds are certified. Purity to us means – 24ct=100%, 22ct=91.6%, 18ct=75%, 14ct=58.3%.

We hope to continue being inspired, and offer the most exquisite and desirable jewellery in the market. Thank you for your interest in Mohit Jewellers, and we hope to see you soon.